URGENT: There's Still Time to Say NO to Right to Work

With the backing of out-of-state millionaires, County Councilman Rob Arlett is trying to push a Right to Work ordinance here in Sussex County. The County Council will be taking a vote on the ordinance on Tuesday, January 9th, and they need to hear from you!

Even though the Attorney General has told him it’s illegal, Councilman Arlett still wants to waste time and millions of taxpayer dollars on a bill that will hurt all of us:

  • Workers in places with Right to Work laws make an average of $7,000 less a year
  • In states with Right to Work, 38% more people are uninsured
  • Right to work allows the government and outside special interests to intrude in our workplaces

We don’t need outsiders or the government telling us what our workplaces should look like. Fill out the form and tell our County Council to vote NO on Right to Work.