In November, we get to elect new officials into Delaware’s legislature. Here are some important issues that are facing Delawareans today.


When public schools are well-funded, there’s more to education than just educating children. They can be fed, provided opportunities to grow physically and psychologically with wellness services, direct them to programs that can help them with schooling, career, and higher education options, and provide a safe, quiet place to study. Education is our backbone, and when our children’s needs are met with adequate services, we can all watch them flourish and become productive citizens.

Addiction Crisis

Opioid addiction is one of the largest public health crises in our nation’s history – and that hits home in Delaware, too. We must act vigorously to counteract it by supporting legislation that treats addiction as a disease and not as a crime. In order to do so, we must expand treatment options in our state and continue providing our first responders with the training and resources necessary to combat overdose as they battle on the frontlines.

Voting Rights

The right to vote is a necessity in our democracy but sadly, Delaware lacks a few basic and fundamental measures that could increase voter turnout and make it easier for our citizens to reach the polls. Measure such as no-excuse absentee voting and a 10-day early voting period would greatly encourage turnout and participation in the nation’s most esteemed right.