A Leader Who Listens and Gets Things Done

Stephanie Hansen for Senate

In November, we elected our State Senator, Bethany Hall-Long, as Lt. Governor. That means it’s time to choose a new Senator – and we need someone who will follow in Bethany’s footsteps of responsive community service and continue the fight for middle class families.

Stephanie Hansen got her start in community service when she encountered a problem no one else was fixing: school bus access for the children in her neighborhood.

She then created the Bear-Glasgow Council of Civic Organizations in 1991 to give residents a voice in the development process, and expanded it to include more than 100 local organizations.

And as County Council President, Stephanie held the line on new taxes and fees – and was recognized as a champion for taxpayers and homeowners who fought for more transparency and accountability.

As our State Senator, Stephanie will:

  • Listen to the people and respond to their concerns.
  • Help middle class families earn higher incomes.
  • Improve schools, invest in good jobs, and revitalize old industrial sites.
  • Oppose pay raises for politicians and ensure government eliminates waste before trying to increase taxes.

On Saturday, February 25th, vote for Stephanie Hansen for State Senate!